T.L. Gilmer Dental Society - 2020 Members of the T.L. Gilmer Dental Society

2020 Members of the T.L. Gilmer Dental Society

Dr. Rick Atwood, Quincy
Dr. D.A. Busbey, Quincy
Dr. Maria Connoyer, Quincy
Dr. Fred Cory (R)
Dr. Curtis Fauble, Quincy
Dr. Richard Gregory, (R)

Dr. Kadianne Grote, Pittsfield
Dr. Lacey Hauk, Quincy
Dr. Henry Kim, Quincy

Dr. Stephen Liesen, Barry

Dr. Tina Lucas-Stoner, Quincy
Dr. Janet Martin, Mendon

Dr. Melvin Martin, (R)
Dr. LuAnne McClean, (R)

Dr. Andrew McEntee, Mt. Sterling

Dr. Rae McIntee, Quincy
Dr. Charles Miller, Augusta
Dr. Coletta Miller * (R)
Dr. Paul Miller, Quincy Ø
Dr. Brenden Moon, Carthage, Quincy
Dr. Tim Morgan, Quincy
Dr. Edward Obrock (R)
Dr. Paul Obrock, Quincy

Dr. Roy Olson, (R)

Dr. Francis Powers (R)
Dr. Timothy Powers, Quincy
Dr. Jennifer Pritts, Quincy

Dr. Dale Quimby, Quincy
Dr. Louis Quintero, Quincy
Dr. Donald Rees (R)
Dr. Gregg Rees, Quincy
Dr. Daniel Riggs, Quincy *
Dr. Max Rodeffer, Hamilton
Dr. Steve Rodeffer, LaHarpe
Dr. Brett Schafer, Barry
Dr. Dale Shahan, Quincy *
Dr. Kimberly Speckhart, Pittsfield
Dr. Jessica Speckhart-Smith, Pittsfield
Dr. K.J. Sturhahn, Pittsfield, Quincy

Dr. Christina Terstriep, Quincy
Dr. E. Robert Tonielli (R)
Dr. Dennis Wagner, Quincy
Dr. Douglas J. White, Pittsfield
Dr. James Williams, Quincy
Dr. David Wright, Quincy #
Dr. Richard Wright, Quincy
Dr. William Wright (R)

Practice Limited to:
* -Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Ø -Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics
ß -Endodontics
# -Periodontics
(R) - Retired


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